...seamlessly blends an eclectic musical diversity." Delightfully grooving from one original to the next..." Terry's definitely on a roll with C2C” - Scott O'Brien

— SmoothJazz.com

This is good stuff...I love the sound of the hollow body guitar on most tracks.Production quality was very warm sounding...music was consistent. Again,this is good stuff.” - Art Eiland

— "The Jazz Patio" - WLLR-FM,KMXG-FM,WFXN-AM

Review of "Graffiti" on 2/23/11 -  The record opens with "Intrigue". It is aptly named. Reynolds, who programmed the album's numerous MIDI parts, as well as playing bass and guitars, proves a skillful player. His lead guitar lines are are clean and uncluttered, played with razor-sharp precision. Beneath his bouncy melody, a phalanx of electronic sounds form a sinewy groove, that oddly enough, hints at the project's urban inspirational underpinnings.....Depending on your taste, George Gershwin's " Summertime/Brooklyn is either clever or an abomination reimagined as a hip-hop slow jam......."Jenna's Waltz" is a lovingly played ode to Reynolds daughter....."Adobe Frijole" features a surprisingly menacing groove and a variety of captivating MIDI shenanigans. "Trick or Treat" is a fun, spooky Halloween romp that takes advantage of the myriad sounds at Reynolds' disposal. And even in the record's weaker thematic moments, his playing - as well as that of keyboardist Chuck Eller - is sparkling.....as Reynolds observes at the conclusion of his liner notes, beauty and art are in the eye - and ear of the beholder. And therre is beauty to be found in Graffiti - Dan Bolles” - Dan Bolles - Music Editor

Seven Days - Vermont's Independent Voice

Review of "TerryToonz:Coast to Coast" - "This CD mixes jazz, Latin beats, and urban flavors, creating some unique sounds. Terry Reynolds displays his jazzy lead guitar talent while borrowing freely from rock and country to add to the mix. This CD truly is "coast-to-coast," with elements from genres across the continent. Reynolds creates some introspective slower pieces and some infectious grooves that will make you want to get up and dance." - C. Doherty” - C.Doherty

— Big Heavy World

Reviewed "TerryToonz: Coast to Coast" - "This CD was a labor of love. Smooth Jazz from musicial themes associated with environments like Latin-flavored from the South and West Coast, some Country and Gospel from the South and Mid-West, some Reggae from the Islands, some urban from the big cities in the Northeast, and finally some Rural from time spent living on Vermont. Terry Toonz Reynolds - master guitarist, multi instrument musician, composer, producer and arranger. Terry Toonz Reynolds is The Consummate Electric Eclectic Musician. ” - Vasiliska.com

— Vasilska.com

Terry Toonz is an incredibly talented musician, instrumentalist and songwriter whose music brings great pleasure to the ears with his clever and unique melodies of jazz, jazz fusion, blues and other genres that create a musical potpourri unlike anyone else I’ve heard. What a joy to share his music with the world on D.C. Coast To Coast Internet Radio and to share the stage with a musician so accomplished.  ” - DC Hathaway - Host

— DC Coast to Coast - USA FM